Grade 8: History bilingual
Our Marketplace of Ideas

We had to imagine the following situation: a market has been set up near your school with lots of stalls. Our job for the next lessons was to create a stall and fill these stalls with life, working on the topic of “Attempts to Solve the Social Question“. The Social Question arose after Industrialization when people worked in factories and lived more and more in cities. The situation for the workers was really bad.

In groups we chose one group (for example the workers’ unions or the Protestant Church) and had to create a product (a solution) that we wanted to present and sell. We searched information, created flyers, leaflets or brochures, some groups made PowerPoint presentations or Padlets to present their product. We created posters and worked with pictures, some groups made film short sequences or audio sequences. There was even an interview with Bismarck.

After creating our product, we had to set up the stalls and make them interesting. After that we had to split our group into different categories. Two students were at the stall and tried to sell the product and the others had to go to the other stalls to learn about their products and ask questions. Many stalls were in our classroom and all of them had created different things and products for their topic. At the end all students had the product of each group and a clear idea of the many ways to solve the social question.

This was our little history marketplace.

Written by Leah Schützle